Had Enough? Isn't America better than this? Stand with the majority of those who voted against Trump's hate and racist rhetoric. MAKE RACISM WRONG AGAIN and MAKE HATRED WRONG AGAIN.
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About Us

Like you, we were shocked and horrified at Trump's election.  We were paralyzed by a distinct and real fear for our America's future.  "How could a person who pandered to the worst segments of our society be elected President?"  Sound familiar? 

Trump and members of his inner circle mastered the internet and the Corporate Media in a shocking and successful effort to create irrational fears among and between us and exploit those fears on his way to the White House.  

We could not let this go unremarked upon.

Our Liberal Pride was founded to ensure a SEA OF BLUE washes across the United States with an emphasis on the progress of America.  

Trump's dog whistle, "Make America Great Again" was a not-so-veiled call to those who would return this country to the 1950's or earlier times.  

Our Liberal Pride seeks to create a SIREN to battle that dog whistle by demanding that progress continue.  

All these incredible and uniting messages emphasize and celebrate the America we have become, the America we still ARE and the America we will REMAIN!